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About Us

The journey is a Christian church with a heart to connect people to God.  One of the things you’ll hear around the journey is that we are about helping people grow closer to God wherever they are on their spiritual journey.

Now what does that mean?  Well, it starts with this premise: God is who we all ultimately want.  We want to know God and be known by God, we want to be loved by God and love him back.  And we believe that Jesus is God in the flesh that he is who he says he is; the Way, the Truth and the Life.  He is the way we get what we all deeply want.  Our desire is to be a church that helps people connect and grow closer to God.

While we may feel like an independent church we are connected to the Christian Reformed Church of North America.  If you want to find about more about our “tribal” affiliation, go to  If you have any questions about that connection, take a look at the “What be Believe” page or feel free to contact us.

While we are connected to the Christian Reformed Church, our participants come from a wide variety of Christian “tribes” and backgrounds. And we like it that way!  What’s the saying: “Different spices make a better recipe”?  And we agree!

Want to know more about what we believe? click here.

See our vision, mission and core values click here.

Previous unwritten rules of the journey

Listed below is a list of previously unwritten “rules” of the journey.  You know how every organization has unwritten rules that they live by but no one knows what they are until you mistakenly cross one?  Well, in an attempt to be honest and self-reflective, we came up with all the unwritten rules we could think of and let you know what they were.  If you discover more, let us know and we’ll add them!

We believe that Grace lived, Grace given and Grace received is HARD but worth it.

We are kind of an “island of misfit toys.”  

In other words, we are broken people – like the first couple of steps of AA:

We are powerless over our brokenness and only God can restore us to life.

We are a very casual group from what we wear to how we act to how we worship.
We are “Time Soft”: we start our worship at 10:07 because we tend to be late.
We work hard not to judge people by their cover.
We expect people to talk to each other.
Community is really important to us, so you can stay anonymous for only so long.
We don’t have our “act” together.

We speak sarcasm (though we work hard not to have our words hurt)
Being real is very important to us (though we know that can be messy and hard!)
We expect people to want to grow and get involved.

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