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Rick Ebbers

pastor & chief bottle washer

Rick and Gwen moved here in 1999 to start a church for people trying to figure out the whole “Jesus” thing. “We wanted to create a community where people felt safe asking hard questions about God. If Jesus is the truth, he should be able to stand up to our deepest and hardest questions – right?” Rick graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary and is ordained in the Christian Reformed Church but we only let him use his "Reverend" title for weddings and when sending letters to college roommates.   Rick has been married to Gwen since 1990 and they have 2 marvelous and (mostly) un-annoying kids, Austin and Paige. 

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Ria Bulthuis
dangly weaver (administrator) 

Ria is our “dangly weaver!” Yep, real job title! Other people might call her role an “admin" but it’s so much more than that!  She takes all the “dangly” stuff that needs to get “woven together” to keep this community organized and humming along. Ria is a bibliophile, even working to add her own work to what’s out there in the world, enough of an avid film buff to know the source material for “You’re killing me smalls” and is a skilled editor, meaning she has a propensity for detail.  Which is a good thing since her job is to make sure the details don’t get dropped at the journey. 

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Glenda Faus 
information manager

Glenda loves to communicate! (that’s a nice way of saying she likes to talk!!)  And we LOVE that about her! This means she is particularly equipped to be the person responsible for gathering and disseminating all the information that needs communicating at the journey!  Glenda is a long time Coloradan who enjoys

skiing, hiking, and all the other things you can do in God’s grand outdoor

cathedral we call the mountains!

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Doug Van Scoy

worship leader

Doug is a multi-talented musician with a strong voice. He brings over 15 years of worship leading experience to the Journey. Although he is a quiet person by nature, when he leads worship, you can see that his love for God and his desire to lead people into a deeper worship “goes to 11.” Yes, that’s right, 11.

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Uta Ruffing

TREK children's ministry

We had to import this amazing lady from Germany to get the job done right! Uta and her team have a singular teaching focus: Let your kids know they are loved by Jesus! You can trust our TREK team with your most precious cargo. The TREK is ages Pre-K - 5th grade.

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