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We're looking for a Worship Leader with a heart for Jesus and a passionate desire to use their gifts in leading our congregation in worship each week.  

Character Qualifications
A dynamic and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ
Support and promote vision, mission, core values and strategy of the journey
Able to commit to the journey leadership covenant
Understand and have a heart for volunteers
Be involved in the journey community
Understands that worship creates a generous outpouring of ourselves before God. (Worship should not be stingy)
Self-starter who enjoys working interdependently
Desire to foster a team environment (1 Corinthians 12: Body of Christ)

Professional Qualifications: The ideal candidate has experience and giftedness in:
Both vocal and instrumental performance
Leading worship for large groups
Leading people effectively
Developing teams
Functional knowledge of audio/visual equipment

Job Expectations (estimated at 8-12 hours a week)
Serve as primary worship leader, including:
Leading worship at least 50% of the time (based on team development)
Select songs in consultation with team and Pastor
Direct worship activity (stand, sit, pray, greet, etc)
Generate quality and dynamic worship environment

Coordinate worship activities (in conjunction with team) including:
Schedule practices and worship teams for scheduled worship times
Coordinate A/V volunteers
Maintain and be responsible for A/V equipment

Develop the worship team, including:
Audition and/or choose vocalists, musicians, and A/V volunteers
Positive mentoring relationships with musicians and vocalists
Uphold standards of first fruits in performance and worship
Foster community among worship team members

Reports to Lead Team through Pastor
Meet with Pastor regularly
Attend staff meetings as needed
Attend Lead Team Meetings as requested
In conjunction with worship team, be responsible for development and oversight of Worship Team Ministry Spending Plan.

Evaluated based on job description (quarterly for first year, then annually)


Email, text, or call. We'd love to chat.

2000 Pike Rd Unit A

Longmont, CO  80503

Tel: 303-808-0728

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